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Lehigh won 2nd prize for engineering investigation and design of the Wanda Plaza project
Source: Bluestar Lehigh Date: 2018-10-15

Recently Lianyungang Municipal Urban and Rural Construction Bureau has announced Lehigh Geotechnical Engineering Institute as the second-prize winner for geotechnical investigation of Lianyungang Wanda Project.

Lianyungang Wanda Plaza is the first major commercial complex in the high-tech development zone with a building area of 118,000 square meters. Considering the tight schedule and heavy workload, the Geotechnical Engineering Institute started to formulate the investigation plan, contact the supply of drilling machinery, and determine the timetable in the project planning phase, followed the timetable rigorously, submitted a high-quality investigation report on time, and won praises from the project owner and other construction units alike.


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