Talent Strategy

Human Resources Concept

We follow the concept of selecting talents with ability and integrity, as well as assigning them properly through their ages. We respect the individual and advocate honest, innovative and a spirit of progress.

Human Resources Planning

Select proper personnel and establish allocation plans in accordance with the institute’s development strategy.

Talents Training

Expand source channels, improve training methods and enhance the culture to talents based on a human resource plan.

Talent Development

Establish career plans that are consistent with our business and provide developmental space for them.

Salary and Performance

Establish a salary assessment system consistent with project management.

Combination of individual and enterprise objectives

Respect employees’ development and encourage them to plan their careers, as well as combine the individual and corporate objectives by making full use of training and development systems. Employees’ talents can be displayed, their ideals become true and their skills can be enhanced. A high-quality professional team is formed with the enterprise objective being realized.

Talent Value

'As great as your talent is, as high as the value you have.'A talented person is good at reflecting on what he has learned and what he thinks for each occasion and works hard to accomplish goals.  

Concept of Employing Talents

'Gold will always shine.' By recognizing individual’s work and creations, the concept of 'everybody is talent' could make our staff take pride with their achievements.

The Principle of Employing Talents

Select talents by virtue, use talents by ability, nurture talents by needs, and keep talents by faith.

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