Proprietary Technologies

Joint-Production Technology Aluminosilicate white sodium using activated white clay

Prevention Technique land reclamation and debris flow

Technology agricultural grade dicalcium phosphate by industry waste acid liquid

Technology recovering Aniline and Nitrobenzene in Wastewater by using co-boiling distillation

Producing potassium sulfate with waste phosphogypsum or citric acid residue

Treatment hard-degradable organic wastewater by efficient micro-electrolysis process

HL—Ⅰ Reagent for Wastewater Treatment: Flocculant

Composite Extractant of phenol-containing wastewater

High efficient wastewater treatment agent-HN-2

New effective anti-scale anticorrosion biocide agent HL-A,HL-B

Extracting potassium, boron lithium from magnesium sulfate sub-type brine

Extraction potassium nitrate, sodium nitrate from potassium saltpeter, and sodium saltpeter mine

New process producing high purity potassium chloride

New process producing potassium sulfate by controlling velocity decomposition and crystallization method

Producing potassium sulfate from brine

Production magnesium sulfate heptahydrate from crude monohydrate

Preparation potassium dihydrogen phosphate by extraction method

Production flame retardants by magnesium-contained raw material, new technology  pharmaceutical grade magnesium hydroxide

Production Tetrabromobisphenol A and Tribromophenol

Packed flotation column

New type PF-8 flotation machine for collophane flotation

New efficient type apatite, fluorite ore, and iron ore collector

SL Inhibitor potassium chloride produced by carnallite

S and L type efficient depressant for collophane flotation

PA series Collector of Flotation for Phosphate Ore

Mineral Processing Technology for Rutile Ore

Purification and deep - processing techniques of celestite

Purification and processing technology of quartz

Mineral purification of Garnet Ore

Mineral processing technology for pyrite and multiple metallic sulfide ore

Mineral processing technology for phosphate ore

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