Bluestar Lehigh Engineering Institute Co., Ltd.  (former Chemical Mines Design and Research Institute of the Ministry of Chemical Industry) was founded in 1962. It has more than 600 employees, 70 percent of whom enjoy intermediate and senior professional and technical titles, over 50 of them are professor-level senior engineers and more than 300 are registered engineers with various disciplines.

The company is an organization with national class A qualifications for petrochemical engineering, construction engineering and environmental engineering specialized design. It has class A qualifications in many other areas as well, such as engineering consulting, project supervision, proxy bidding, geo-technical engineering investigation, environmental impact evaluation for construction projects and safety assessment. The company is capable of providing services covering the entire process of chemical mine projects, chemical engineering, environmental engineering and construction engineering, EPC, project construction planning, feasibility study and technical consultation to project completion inspection, project supervision and proxy bidding. The company has completed engineering exploration and design, research, development and lump sum contracting for over 230 large and medium-sized national key projects. 238 projects were awarded Scientific and Technological Progress Award, Excellence in Engineering Survey and Design and other prizes at national, ministerial and provincial levels.

The company has undertaken many chemical mine projects over the past 50 years: the design for Wengfu company in Guizhou province produced 2.5 mtpa phosphate ore won the gold award of 11th National Excellent Engineering Designs; the design for Yunfu company in Guangdong province that produce 3 mtpa pyrite ore won the silver award of National Excellent Engineering Designs; the industrialization project implemented to promote Qinghai Salt Lake Group's 1 mtpa potassium chloride production won second prize of National Award for Science and Technology Progress; The Yunnan Phosphate Chemical Group Co. Ltd.'s 4.5 mtpaphosphate ore project is going into operation; Haikou 2 mtpa phosphate ore dressing plant and 2 mtpa phosphate ore has already been put into operation; Uzbekistan-De Hector Carla bud 0.2 mtpa Potash fertilizer processing plant's industrial devices are ready for production; the largest single-set phosphate ore beneficiation device in the world——Saudi Arabia’s O Mann’s 12 mtpa phosphate ore beneficiation device pre-commissioning has proven to be a success. The company has solid strength in applied technology developments in mineral dressing technology, ore dressing chemicals and environmental engineering, and it is in the leading role at home and abroad. The company owns many patents and proprietary technologies, which control many affiliated institutes, including the National Chemical Mine Design Technology Center, the Chemical Industry Chemical Ore Standardization Technical Committee and the Chemical Ore Quality Supervision and Inspection Center.

Bluestar Lehigh Engineering Institute Co., Ltd.  passed ISO9001 international quality management system certification in 1999 and received “AAA” industry credit level certificate in 2009. With principles of “people first, scientific and technological innovation and aiming for excellence,” the company improved its quality management system, occupational health and safety management system and environmental management system, providing clients with satisfactory services.



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