Chemical Mine Design Technology Center

The National Chemical Mines Design and Technology Center Station was established in March 1991. China Bluestar Lehigh Engineering Corp, Changsha Design and Research Institute of the Ministry of Chemical Industry and the China Huanqiu Contracting & Engineering Corporation's North Planning and Design Institute sponsored it, which is affiliated with China Bluestar Lehigh Engineering Corp.

The Chemical Mines Central Station is responsible for standard formulation and amendments and basic technical work organization and management. The station has carried out technical exchanges, technical advice, technical services and new technologies promotions for decades to serve design institutes and chemical mines manufactures, Remarkable achievements have been made in formulating engineering construction standards, undertaking and assisting basic technical work and editing and publishing the Industrial Minerals and Processing journal. It has organized, published and issued 30 standards for the chemical mines industry since 1993.

In recent years, under the leadership of the China Petroleum and Chemical Engineering Survey and Design Association with support of the three Institutes that sponsored the station, the work of the Chemical Mines Central Station has been improved.


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