National Chemical Mine Information Station

The China Chemical Mines Information Station, established at China Bluestar Lehigh Engineering Corp. (former Chemical Mines Design and Research Institute of the Ministry of Chemical Industry), is a professional science and technology information center dealing with information of the chemical mines sector. The business scope covers:

1.Collecting, sorting and processing literatures at home and abroad concerning phosphorus, sulfur, potassium, boron and other mines of the chemical mines industry; establishing industry information database and forming a literature searching and consulting services center;

2.Organizing and carrying out professional investigations on scientific and technological information; grasping timely technology trends at home and abroad; offering science and technology information services for research and development, planning and formulation, production and construction, as well as operations and management;

4.Providing guidance to the member site in science and technology information exchange and cooperation activities;

5.Undertaking science and technology information research work assigned by higher departments and institutions;

6.Taking the initiative to undertake science and technology information research for clients in relevant industries.

7.Providing science and technology information services for member institutions through the journal, internet and websites.

National Chemical Mines Information Station

Phone Number: 0518—85520227

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