Chemical Mine Standardization Technical Committee
Our institute served as the focal point for the standardization technology of chemical mine in 1973. According to documents No 504 and 562, Technical Committee of Standardization for Chemical Mine was founded, which was composed of 27 committee members from different institutes, colleges and enterprises nationwide. It was renamed as Chemical Mine Standardization Technical Committee in 2002.

We are in charge of more than 20 kinds of mineral species including phosphate, pyrite and boron rock, in accordance with the State Bureau of Technical Supervision's regulations. We have set up 43 national standards and 41 industrial standards, covering 12 product standards, 72 standards for analytical methods, 2 mandatory standards and 82 recommended standards.

In the past 30 years, Chemical Mine Standardization Technical Committee has overcome various obstacles and made considerable contributions for the development of China’s chemical mining industry and has been honored scientific progress awards for its achievements.

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