General Contract Engineering


Project Name


Stage II Belt Coveying System Wengfu Phosphate Mine Guizhou province

 5mil. t/a

 Comprehensive Utilization Project middle and low-grade phosphate ore in Wengfu Phosphate Mine Guizhou province

 4mil. t/a

Ore Dressing Unit of Wengfu Dazhou Sulfur and Phosphorus Chemical Project

 1.5mil. t/a

Project Dressing of Tailings in Wengfu Phosphate Mine

 0.8mil. t/a

Technological Transformation Projects Wengfu Phosphate Mine of Guizhou province

 0.8mil. t/a

General Contract Yunnan Furui Phosphoric Acid facilities

 0.3mil. t/a

Ore Dressing Project Anxin in Wengan, Guizhou Province

 0.2mil. t/a

 Wengfu Rubber Belt Transportation Project (Phase II) at Chuanyandong Industrial Site


Project pipe line Wengfu Phosphate Mine and dewatering and pressure filtering devices of Machangping, tailings delivery pipe in Guizhou


 Wengfu Six Systematic Projects at Datang Ore Block


 Wengfu Baiyan Tailing Pond Production and Operation Management


 Refined Ore Pulp Pipelines for Wengfu Low and Medium Grade Ore Project


Project Processing 200,000 t/a Organosilicon Upstream Products Xinghuo

 0.2mil. t/a

 Project 120,000 t/a Organosilicon Downsteam Series Products Xinghuo

 0.12mil. t/a

 Xinghuo Cuprous Chloride Packaging and Dangerous Wastes Storage Yard Project


 Linshu Acetic Acid Project Shangdong Province

 0.02mil. t/a

Jinan Yuxing Heating Project

 3×75t/h Circulating Fluidized Bedboilers

Shanxi Datong Cogeneration Project

 2×75t/h Circulating Fluidized Bedboilers

 Bluestar New Chemical’s TDI Project

1×40t/h Gas-Fired Boiler

First Phase Wastewater Treatment Station in Jiangsu Fubiya


 General Contract Environmental Protection Engineering of Zhangjiagang Flying Chemical Co Ltd.


Project coking plant wastewater treatment in Nanchang Iron Factory

Environmental Protection Engineering for wastewater treatment Ningbo Steel Works

General contract wastewater treatment Wuhan Iron Factory

Mixed wastewater treatment project Hubei Yihua Chemical Industry Co Ltd

Comprehensive Wastewater Treatment for A Magnesium Metal Integrated Project in Qinghai


 Xiangtan Iron and Steel Coking Wastewater Treatment Project


 Panzhihua Iron and Steel Coking Wastewater Treatment Project in Xichang


 Hercules Inc Chemical Wastewater Treatment Project


General contract Palm-oil, Phosphoric Acid in Lianyungang, Jiangsu

Environment Protection Engineering Zhangjiagang Flying Chemical Co Ltd.

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