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1.     Petrochemical Engineering

50,000 tons/year 1, 4-butanediol  project Nanjing BlueStar New Chemical Materials Co Ltd.


44,000 tons/year THF project Nanjing BlueStar New Chemical Materials Co Ltd.


140,000 tons/year AT88 project BlueStar Adisseo Nanjing Co Ltd.

200,000 tons organic silicon integrated project BlueStar New Chemical Materials Co Ltd. and Jiangxi Xinghuo Silicone Plant


BlueStar New Chemical Materials Co  Ltd. 120,000 tons/year silicone downstream products deep processing projects of Jiangxi Xinhuo Organosilicon Factory


Annual production capacity 1,000 tons 902 device offsite relocation project Jiangxi Xinhuo Aerospace Materials Co Ltd.

Nantong Xingchen 50,000t/a epoxy resin project

90,000 tons/year Bisphenol-A project Nantong Xingchen Synthetic Material Co Ltd.

60,000 tons/year PBT device project Nantong Stars Synthetic Material Co Ltd. BlueStar Chemical (Nantong) New Material Industry Base

35,000 tons variety epoxy project Nantong Xingchen Synthetic Material Co

50 t/a Aramid project Chenguang Chemical Research Institute Co Ltd.

Specialty silicone and plastic alloy project Chenguang Chemical Research Institute Co Ltd.

500,000 tons/year catalytic cracker project BlueStar Petroleum Co Ltd. Daqing Branch

Revamping 400,000-t/a Catalytic Cracking Installation for Heavy Oil BlueStar Petroleum Co Ltd., Daqing Branch

80,000 tons/year styrene Blue Star Petroleum Co Ltd., Daqing Branch

800,000-tons/year delayed coking project BlueStar Petroleum Co Ltd. Jinan Branch

Shenyang Paraffin Wax Chemical acrylic acid and acrylate project

Some Equipment

10,000 tons/year polyphenylene ether project Shanxi Ruicheng Foster Chemical Co Ltd.

30,000 tons/year neoprene project Sanna Synthetic Rubber Co Ltd

2 × 27000-kva silicon metal electric furnace project BlueStar Silicon Materials Co Ltd.


60,000 tons/year propylene oxide technology expansion project Shandong Dongda Chemical Industry Co Ltd.

40,000 tons/year POM project Shanghai BlueStar New Chemical Materials Plant

Some Equipment

200,000 tons/year methanol technological transformation project Lanzhou BlueStar Chemical Co Ltd.


20,000 tons/year maleic anhydride technological transformation project China BlueStar Harbin Petrochemical Co Ltd.

1318 Engineering Lanzhou BlueStar Fiber Co Ltd.

1.5m3 / h liquid hydrogen projects BlueStar Aerospace Chemical Co Ltd. (Hainan)

0.6m3/h liquid hydrogen projects BlueStar (Xichang) Aerospace Chemical Co Ltd.

Dongli BlueStar Membrane Technology (Beijing) Co Ltd 6,175,000 square meters/year reverse osmosis membrane and membrane element production project

Desalination technology and equipment production base 100,000 tons/day desalination project BlueStar Membrane Industry (Hangzhou) Co Ltd.

ChemChina Tianjin Port project

274,000-cubic-meter tank zone at Ganyu Port

2.     Public Facility

Lianyungang Administration Center Building project

60,000 m2

Haizhou District Administration Center Building Project

19,800 m2

Civil Service Center in Xinbu District

18,000 m2

Jiangang Headquarters Extension project

123,000 m2

Science & Technology Incubator project

16,000 m2

New gym with 5,000 seats project

Including project management

New swimming pool with 1,600 seats project

Xuyu International Logistics Center project

55,000 m2

Prison Management Center Public Security Bureau, Lianyungang

83,000 m2

Construction Project Lianyungang Frontier Inspection Station Headquarters

16,000 m2

Dongfang International Business Center

33,000 m2

Five-star Beigu villa reconstruction and extension project

118,000 m2

Five-star land bridge product exhibition center project

142,000 m2

Phase I project Lianyungang science and education pioneer center

21,000 m2

Phase II project Lianyungang science and education pioneer center

82,000 m2

High Vocational Technology School of Industry and Trade new campus project, Lianyungang

213,000 m2

Ganyu Xincheng High School New Building

20,000 m2

Lianyungang High School

60,000 m2

New building project Sports Schools

22,000 m2

Lianyungang national fitness project

20,000 m2

Lianyungang Qingfeng Park

8,000 m2

Cleaning technology industrialization base initiating area project

419,000 m2

3.     Civil Building Engineering

Cangwu Hebin Garden project

211,000 m2

Jinhua Wenyan Villa

30,000 m2

Phase I Project Auto Center Construction

148,000 m2

C,D,E Phase II project Babai urban corridor and basement

50,000 m2

Jinhai Zhiye Plaza project

46,000 m2

Mingsheng Garden project and #D5 building people defense engineering

106,000 m2

4.     Infrastructural Project

Project Haodong River Bridge of Gangqian Avenue, Fudui River Bridge of Xuyu Avenue

With 75m span

Planning New Buildings at Huaguo Mountain District (Haifeng Road, Xueyuan1-4 Roads)

Total length 10,619m

Raoad engineering Haiwan Road,Dongshao Rd., Binhe Rd. in Lianyun District

Total length 5,343m

New building Huaguo Mountain Ave. (Gangcheng Ave.-Cangwu Rd.)

Total length 7,000m

Heng’er and Zoushansan roads

Total length 10,100m

Beach road (Lianyun new town, North Pingshan road-North Haitang road)

Total length 3,800m

Phase I project Xuyu water plant, wastewater treatment plant, suited Pipe-NetworksWastewater Treatment Plant in Lianyungang

Waterworks scale is 90,000 tons/day, and size of wastewater treatment plant 30,000 tons daily sewage treatment

Phase I project advanced treatment of tap water

200,000 m3/day

Ganyu Jindongfang Water Purification Plant Phase I project

45,000 m3/day

5.     Landscaping Project

Cangwu Garden

2,800 m2

Cangwu Riverside Park

11,800 m2

Yuzhou Park

14,000 m2

Zaihaiyifang Park project

16,400 m2

Civil Square in Lianyungang

100 m2

Landscape project Yun Lake

27,700 m2

6.     International Bidding

Bluestar Silicones International organosilicone project

Chia Tai Tianqing Pharmaceutical Group hepatopathy drug production workshop relocation and technical renovation project

Bluestar New Chemical Materials Jiangxi Xinghuo Organic Silicone Plant organosilicone upstream project

Bluestar New Chemical Materials Jiangxi Xinghuo Organic Silicone Plant organosilicone downstream project

Jiangsu Hengrui Medicine Co powder injections sub-packaging and rolling line project

Bluestar Adisseo Nanjing 140,000t/a AT88 project



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