Project Supervision


Project Name


 Administrative Center engineering supervision in Lianyungang  55,000 m2
Lianyungang Trade Center  55,256 m2
Lianyungang Technical College’s new campus project  100,000 m2
Lianyungang Vocational and Technical School of Industry and Trade’s new campus projec  100,000 m2
Swimming facility at Lianyungang Sports Center  20,355 m2
Lianyungang Economic and Technological Development Zone’s administration center  50,150 m2
Jiangsu Fangyang Group’s land bridge exhibition center  141,506 m2
Jiangsu New Headline Co’s financial center  59,632 m2
Pipeline network project for Xuwei’s water and wastewater treatment plants in Lianyungang  78km
Energy-saving and environmentally-friendly high-tech industrial park’s standard workshop project at Xuwei new district  494,998 m2
 Grain and oil project in Lianyungang  1,0000kt/a
Wuxi Resin Plant’s 25,000-ton-per-year bisphenol A project  multiple products
Jiangxi Xinghuo Organic Silicone Plant’s 100,000-ton-per-year organosilicone monomer project  25,000 t/a

Project 40 kt/a Polyoxymethylene in Shanghai BluStar New Chemical Materials Plant


Project 120-kt/a phenol-acetone in Harbin


 Xingjiang Luobupo Potash Fertilizer Base’s 1.2-million-ton-per-year potash fertilizer project 60kt/a
Bluestar Petrochemical Jinan’s 1-million-ton-per-year delayed coking and auxiliary projects  1,200kt/a
Xingjiang Luobupo Potash Fertilizer Base’s 1.2-million-ton-per-year potash fertilizer external water supply project  1,000kt/a
Sichuan Chenguang Research Institute’s 1,000-ton-per-year aramid fiber (phase II) and 50-ton-per-year aramid fiber (phase III) projects  238,185 Km
Jinan Yuxing Chemical’s 100,000-ton-per-year rutile titanium dioxide relocation and renovation project  1kt/a, 50t/a
Jiangxi Xinghuo Organic Silicone Plant’s 200,000-ton-per-year organosilicone project  100kt/a
Jiangsu Shuangling Chemical’s 300,000-ton-per-year caustic soda project  300kt/a
 Sichuan Haohua’s 300,000-ton-per-year sulfuric acid and 200,000-ton-per-year ammonium phosphate project  300kt/a
 Adisseo Nanjing’s 140,000-ton-per-year AT88 project  140kt/a
China Eastar Group’s 200,000-ton-per-year aromatics complex unit and auxiliary project  200kt/a
SDIC Xinjiang Luobupo’s 3-million-ton-per-year potash fertilizer brine pan’s section No 3 project  3000kt/a
SDIC Xinjiang Luobupo’s 3-million-ton-per-year potash fertilizer brine pan project  3000kt/a
Bluestar New Chemical Materials’ 55,000-ton-per-year raw rutile titanium dioxide expansion and renovation project  5.5 kt/a
CLP Shanxi Aluminum Industry’s 1-million-ton-per-year aluminium oxide expansion project’s red mud pond  2530×104

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