Engineering Exploration


 Project Name

1、Civil construction projects 

 Lianyungang administration center and office area

 Lianyungang Dihao Shuixie Huadu Community

 Huifeng Tongke Community

 Sunrise Dongfang Community

 Spain Mountain Villa Community

 Jiulong Urban Paradise Community

 Cangwu Community (Phase III)

 Xuwei administrative office for rent

 Four-Season Golden Community

 2、Industrial projects

 Panyu Steel Pipe’s HSM project

 Kanion Pharmaceutical Jiangning Industrial Park Community

 Hengrui Medicine Dapu’s raw material base

 Chia Tai Tianqing’s Haizhou production base

 Yihai Oils & Grains Industries’ plant at Wharf No 4

 Global Copper’s plant area

 Jiangxi Xinghuo Organic Silicone’s new plant area

 Nanjing Adisseo’s new plant

 Bluestar Tianjin’s new material base

 Qinghai Dalangtan’s salt field and plant at the dike

 3、Water conservancy projects

 Qiangwei Lake emergency water project

 Dapu River project

 Tangxiang, Yifan and Xinshu rivers project, Lianyungang city

 Small and medium-sized treatment project in Lianyungang

 Shandongzhuang Reservoir project

 4、Mining projects

 Guizhou phosphorite white rock tailings pound prospecting
 Hubei Dalingkou Longhuichong tailings pound prospecting
 Hubei Jianhong Plant’s industrial site and tailings pound project
 Inner Mongolia Dongshengmiao pyrite industrial site project
 Anhui Xiangshan pyrite tailings pound prospecting
 5、Offshore aquatic projects
 Xiangshui Chengang offshore reclamation project
 Qinghai Wuxin Mining’s salt field and dike project
 Ganyu Songzhuang’s offshore reclamation project
 Xiangshui Guanhe’s port project
 Guannan Zhangwan Bridge
 6、Surveying and mapping projects
 Jiangxi Xinghuo Organic Silicone’s new and old plants
 Qinghai Property Co’s mining area
 Guizhou Wengfu’s phosphorite concentrate pipeline
 Lianyungang Chemical Park
 Lianyungang South Hedian Road and living area
 Lianyungang anti-aircraft basement
 Guizhou Wengfu’s phosphorite belt tunnel construction
 Zhangjiagang Puxiang’s stainless steel construction
 Foundation piles and supervision for Lianyungang First People’s Hospital’s 120 first-aid centers
 Jiulong Urban Paradise Community settlement observation
 Foundation pile tests
 Xinpu’s Yinghua Community
 Beigu Mountain Villa relocation
 Rural power training center
 Phoenix Mingdu Community project
 Jiuhe International Community project
 Suzhou Wangting’s power generation plant
 Zhangjiagang Puxiang Plant’s foundation pile test
 Nantong Haian Huaxinyiping Community
 Guannan Jincheng Garden Community
 Guanyun People’s Hospital’s foundation pile test

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